New: Android SDK, fuzzy translation memory, project activity and more

Hi there 👋

Important news – we’ve massively updated Lokalise recently. Trust me, it’s worth paying attention. Let me briefly list everything.

Android SDK

Android over-the-air SDK beta is available, please check it out! No need to terrorize users with new versions in the Google Play every time you need to change some texts, and making sure that the updated text copy reaches all of them right away not only those who updates from Google Play regularly.

Renaming and bulk-deletion of project snapshots and iOS/Android bundles

You’ve been heard — now you can rename and bulk-delete the project snapshots and mobile bundles as you wish.

Translation Memory 2.0

Translation Memory 2.0 works smarter than before with fuzzy matches showing % of relevance and the sourcing context. Easily remove the matches not relevant for you.

Tagging in chat and comments

Start tagging your colleagues in comments and project chat typing e.g. @Mark in order to notify them.


Project activity log is now on steroids and tracks the team member, activity type and the change it’s made. The difference is highlighted in the Translation History as well. Click “Actvity” icon in project’s icon menu to engage.

Character limiter

Finally, play with the improved character counter and limiter, very useful indeed.

And last, but not least – Google’s inline translator is now in NMT mode (neural machine translation it is). It’s AI, it’s 2017! 🤖


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