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We’re keeping the pace shooting new features at you every now and then. Please support what we do, discussing your impression and suggesting new features and improvements in the in-web support chat. Our team highly appreciate that!

Let’s list the recent arrivals one by one.


Lokalise integration options

That’s huge, and more to come. Exchange notifications, events, actions, docs, strings, files, and other data with your favorite tools: Asana, Trello, Jira, Zendesk, and others. Let us know what’s missing and we’ll amend the pipeline.

Sketch two-way integration

Sketch two-way integration

The designs in the Sketch app are good to go, waiting for a coder to pick them up before the translations can be done? Add the designs directly to Lokalise. Let the translators do their job in parallel to your coders doing theirs. Watch how it works or read the docs.

Link a Sketch file and let Lokalise create all of the localization keys and the key names and the screenshots. Edit the key names, the base language values, translate into other languages and see the previews right way in the editor. Download the translated Sketch file and update the designs in the Sketch app as needed.

Note: the Sketch integration is available for teams on the Business Growth plan and higher.

Cross-project search

Cross-project search

In your dashboard with all of your projects, search in the project names, tags, key names and the key or translation values. There’s some optional search syntax as well: in:”project name” search term, key:search term, tag:search term, trans:search term.

CLI tool update

Import multiple files at once. Now –file parameter supports comma-separated list of files (e.g. –file mydir/file1.json,mydir/file2.json ) and file masks (e.g. –file mydir/\*.json). You can combine list and masks (e.g. –file mydir/admin/\*.json,mydir/user/\*.json . Make sure to escape * in filemask.

React Native (i18n, .js) support

Lokalise now supports an implementation for the React Native localization.

iOS demo app with over-the-air updates for end-user devices

Lokalise Companion App

Lokalise Companion App adds localization bundles. They allow you to play with instant updates before you decide on adding our iOS and Android SDK to your apps. Such over-the-air updates bypassing the Apple App Store and Google Play are a must in-between your app releases for correcting typos, optimizing wording and finishing translations on the fly. Share the app with your product owners, project and marketing managers, copywriters and so on, let them have some localization fun with a mobile app.

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