New: Teams, cleanup, project snapshots and more

We are happy to share our recently launched features and improvements that you may have missed. It is our biggest update ever with 16 new features.


It’s all about teams now! Subscription plans are tied to teams. New projects are created in the current team and impact the subscription allowance of that team. Still, access rights are set at a project level. Non-admin team members will not be allowed to create new projects and order translations within a team.

Automatic project snapshots

Care about your data? So do we.

That’s why we’ve added the automatic project snapshots feature. Once a day it would make a snapshot of your project and store it (as usual) at Amazon S3. Simply flip the switch at project settings > snapshots to enable 💾.

Available starting from Essential plan.

New uploader

As you have requested, the uploader is two-step now. First, you upload a localization file or files. Next screen lets you play with import settings, set languages and tune filenames. When fine, just proceed with import.

New downloader with a preview

Downloader UI has a new, fresh look. In addition you can instantly preview the resulting bundle or the generated files in the browser. The syntax is highlighted.

Cleanup mode in the uploader

When switched on, the uploader will delete the keys associated with the uploaded file, but no longer present in the file.

Excel and .csv file mapping

When uploading .xls, .xlsx or .csv files, the system will ask to designate which columns contain key names, translations, descriptions, and comments. Always note the “one file one language” principle. For .xls and .xlsx, it is also one file one worksheet.

Support for a language code in the filename

In case your setup requires a language code in the filename rather than in the folder, use %LANG_ISO% placeholder which gets replaced with the respective language code on export. You can adjust filenames on upload or by clicking a key name in the editor and navigating to the Advanced tab.

Reports on translation orders

Download the details of your translation orders for your accounting in .csv, available from the Orders page.

Sign up by link

Allow users with the signup link join your project and team without an invitation. Enable in project settings.

Automatic universal placeholders

On upload, placeholders in platform-specific localization files are now automatically converted to universal. As always, we strongly advise uploading your platform-specific localization files of a single product to a single project all along. After the upload, the only thing you need to do is to search for duplicates and link and merge platform-specific keys with identical translations. In turn, on download the placeholders are converted back to a platform-specific format as normal.

API requests: no rate limiter anymore

Still, only one concurrent session per token is allowed.

Keyboard shortcuts

Some action and navigation can be done with keyboard shortcuts. Find them on some buttons and in some fields.

Strict character limit

By setting character limit in the editor, you now actually prevent contributors / translators from entering longer strings.

Order translations for Acrobat (.pdf), Word, Excel etc.

Click Orders in the main menu, upload your file or files in Acrobat (.pdf), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office and Plain (.txt) and Rich Text (.rtf), adjust your translation settings and send the order to our native speakers or even better professional translators. Once the files are translated, they will be available for download in the same format you have uploaded them.

Maven-type repository for Android OTA SDK

Android SDK is available as a maven dependency.

Updated placeholder and HTML validator

Now it also shows what is missing or extra in the translation compared to the base language.

ICU Message Format highlighter

The format is now properly detected and highlighted.


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