New: GitHub, Proofreading, Cloud storage integrations and more

There are new features and improved existing functionality. Spend a couple of minutes scrolling through the text and get an idea of what is new in Lokalise.

GitHub two-way integration

For you, GitHub users, a new feature that lets you pull files from one or more of your GitHub repositories and create pull requests from Lokalise. You can find it among available integrations in their usual place, Project settings > Integrations. Learn more.

Ordering proofreading

It is now available from one of the translation providers, Language Inspired. You can check just a single language (as both a source and target language), e.g. what your coders who are not professional copywriters were adding. The other option is to proofread a result of a translation, i.e. order a bilingual proofreading. Please make sure you are not supplying a machine translation result as a source, such orders will be canceled.

Cloud storage integrations

Automatically upload your localization files directly to the S3 or GCS buckets of your choice at export.

Adding new languages to your Android apps over the air

Now you can not only correct typos, optimize existing wording and finish translations with our mobile SDKs, but also add languages and respective translations without a new release to the Google Play. The translations will instantly reach 100% of your end users who come online. From version 1.3.2 of our Android SDK you can get a list of locales that are currently present in the downloaded OTA bundle on the device by calling the LokaliseSDK.getAvailableLocales() method.

Multiple handlers in event-type integrations

Using our Webhook, Slack, E-mail, Jira, Trello, Asana, Datadog, Flowdock, Lighthouse, Timecamp integrations? Set up multiple handlers for different events, e.g. send one e-mail to the translators when a new file is uploaded and another e-mail to the review team when a task is closed.

Exclude certain tags at export

A self-explanatory addition, long overdue. Thanks for waiting!

Plural and placeholder formats

At export, you can now specify a format for your plurals or placeholders out of the ones available for your localization file format or platform. Obviously, it is fully optional, and if you do not specify any, you will get the default one. More info.

Change an existing translation task

After creating and sending out a translation task, you can now change its title, description and due date if needed.

Screenshot translation for app stores, etc.

An interesting use case from one of our clients. Create the screenshots in Sketch, upload the .sketch file to Lokalise using our Sketch integration, translate the extracted strings in Lokalise and save the newly translated screenshots.

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