New: Screenshot filter, GitLab, DeepL and more

Do you want more from Lokalise? We’ve heard you, check below. Would you like to give your voice for anything that’s missing? Now you can add your feature asks and let others vote on our roadmap page. If not, as always, chat with us in the live in-web support.

Screenshot filter

Major upgrade to the screenshots feature! Now you can add tags to the screenshots to organize them into logical groups. Then you’ll be able to use the Screenshot filter button in the editor, in order to include only the keys linked to the selected screenshot groups. We’ve also added bulk actions to the Screenshots page.

GitLab integration

Use this integration to exchange files with your GitLab repository by pulling files from GitLab and creating pull requests from Lokalise. Learn more.

DeepL MT

We’ve added a new exciting machine-translation provider, DeepL, available both as an inline suggestion and in the bulk translation orders. DeepL somehow manages to beat Google in many translations, even though it supports only 7 major European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Polish. Check it out!

Disabling inline MT

Sometimes you’d like to leave your translators without the inline machine-translation suggestions. For this particular case, there’s now a switch for that in project settings.

More bulk actions in the editor

These are: Clear translations, Apply TM to 100% matches, Copy source to target — pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they?

Project-only TM

Ok, imagine you have a different vocabulary in different projects and would like to separate the translation memories between the projects. Again, there’s a new switch in projects settings.

Multiple owners per team

To be more secure, promote more administrators to owners of your team.

Custom languages, set arbitrary language names

We’ve added custom languages with custom names, ISO codes, and plural forms, which you can edit in the Language settings. You can also rename the standard languages if needed.


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