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New in December: Branching, SSO, New Zendesk Guide integration, and more

We’re wrapping up 2019 🎄🎅 with a bunch of new features, first for translators, then for managers, next for developers:

  • Specify threshold for TM pre-translation from the bulk menu
  • SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Zendesk Guide Integration
  • Lokalise for Zendesk Support & Chat
  • Translation report improvements
  • Order Created and Order Completed events in integrations
  • Branching
  • Android SDK 2.0
  • Lokalise CLI 2.0
  • Webhooks 2.0
  • API updates
  • Figma plugin

For more details, take a scroll, and let us know which of them improves your work most. As always, talk to us in the in-web support chat on any localization-related matter.

For translators

Specify threshold for TM pre-translation from the bulk menu

You can now specify the minimum threshold of TM matches for the keys that you want to pre-translate using our bulk menu. This is just a small teaser of what’s to come with Smart Pre-Translate feature.

For managers

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Single Sign On

Simplify the way users get access and log in to Lokalise by taking advantage of our SSO connection. Sign in using any SAML provider, such as Okta, OneLogin, G Suite and others. Get in touch with our Customer Solutions team and they will help to configure the connection for the active directory that your company is using. Please note this feature is only available in the Enterprise plan.

New Zendesk Guide

Zendesk Guide

Those of you who already used our legacy Zendesk Guide integration know that it’s way easier to manage helpdesk article translations in Lokalise. We’ve listened to the feedback of active users and recently rolled out an improved Zendesk Guide integration, which allows you to:

  • Perform two-way syncs between platforms, make your changes in Zendesk and sync those to existing Lokalise project or vice versa
  • Pick categories, sections, and articles that you’d like to sync
  • Ensure the state (draft/published) remains the same when pulling and pushing the content

If you hadn’t tried out this integration previously, now is the perfect chance to get started!

Lokalise for Zendesk Support & Chat

Zendesk Chat

We work in an international environment and it’s common to receive support tickets/chats in foreign languages. For most companies, though, the share of each language is often not big enough to justify hiring support specialists fluent in those languages.

Lokalise offers a solution, that allows you to instantly translate incoming and outgoing tickets/chats right in the Zendesk UI. There are two plugins (one for chat and one for tickets) that are absolutely free to use and can be installed from Zendesk Marketplace.

Translation report improvements

You can now specify the time-range for which you’d like to download the translation report. This applies to reports for all users and individual users.

Order Created and Order Completed events in integrations

Events in Integration

We’ve added Order Created and Order Completed events to a couple of our integrations, i.e. Webhooks, Asana, Trello, Jira, Email, Slack, Datadog, Flowdock, Lighthouse, and Timecamp.

For developers


The development process often requires you to work on multiple branches, and your localization process shouldn’t lag behind. Lokalise supports branching similar to GitHub to the maximum possible extent. You can use branches to translate features in your development pipeline or to control versions of your product.

To start creating the branches, enable it in your Project Settings. Once you’ŗe done working on a branch, you can merge it to master. In case of any conflicts, you can choose to resolve those in favor of branch or master. Learn how branching will affect your project, settings, and integration here. Please note Branching is only available starting from the Essential plan.

Android SDK 2.0

Android SDK

We’ve fully re-written the Android SDK in Kotlin to improve performance, reliability, and extensibility. Make sure to check our documentation to re-configure your integration to benefit from improvements made in our 2.0 version. In addition, Android SDK 2.0 now uses the ViewPump library, which allows you to use your own layout interceptors with our SDK.

Lokalise CLI 2.0


Our CLI tool has been completely rebuilt from scratch. Instead of being just an upload/download tool, our CLI 2.0 supports all Lokalise endpoints available in API 2.0. Now, you can manipulate any object or data in your Lokalise workspace, including files, projects, keys, translations, comments, contributors, teams and more. Please note it’s no longer compatible with CLI 1.0 command syntax. Check our GitHub page for download links and instructions.

Webhooks 2.0

We’ve completely rewritten webhook implementation. You can now manage them using our API, there is a retry mechanism (in case you miss one). We’re sending a secret header now, so you can validate the request.

API updates

We’ve added the resource and endpoints for Branching, as well as the filter_untranslated parameter for List all translations & filter_statuses parameter to List all tasks.

What’s next?

Figma Plugin

We are planning to kick off 2020 with features that you’ve been all waiting for. One of them is the Figma plugin that will make sure your designs go hand in hand with the localization needs. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2020 Year! 🎉

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