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New: Dark mode, API 2.0, User groups and more

We are proud to announce 13 amazing features in this update. As usual, your requests and feature discussions are welcome at

Dark mode

We ❤️ dark mode! Give your eyes some candy. Click the team logo in the top right corner > Dark mode to activate.

API 2.0

Completely rewritten API 2.0 now includes complete control over Comments, Contributors, Files, Keys, Languages, Projects, Screenshots, Snapshots, Tasks, Teams, Team users and Translations. There are no plans to depreciate the old API, however it is not being maintained anymore. As a bonus, there is an official PHP client library now. You should expect more libraries for popular programming languages in the upcoming months.

Hiding HTML tags and placeholders

This feature should really become popular. From now on, HTML and placeholders can be displayed in the editor as blocks, so that translators only need to think about the places of these in the line of text. Easily drag and drop the blocks around without breaking the original syntax. All the missing blocks would reside below the input field.

User groups

Manage users and their access rights in bulk with User groups. Add users to groups, set permissions and add groups to projects from Team settings > User groups page. Click the group logo to upload a custom picture, use of the language flags or choose an avatar from the gallery. This feature is only available starting with the Pro plan.


Enable additional security for your account using our two-factor authentication. All you need is a Google Authenticator app, which can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android. Set it up by clicking the team logo in the top right corner > Personal profile > Two-factor auth.


It is often useful to pseudolocalize a language before the translators even start to work on it. Strings in the Russian language, for example, are about 40% longer than in English. Use the pseudolocalization bulk action to prefill target language with longer strings than the source. Hello world becomes [!!! Hèℓℓô ωôřℓδ! £ôřè !!!]. Select the required keys in the Editor and choose Pseudolocalize… from the bulk action menu.

Bulk action: fill with text

Another addition to the bulk action menu is Fill with text… . You may want to bulk-fill strings with [VOID] for example (to mark languages as non-translatable), or anything else.

Screenshot manager

Easily link and unlink existing screenshots to keys right from the Editor. There is a dedicated button in the editor that opens the Screenshot manager window. Select/deselect multiple screenshots and click to link.

Collapse/expand all

Too many projects? We have take care of this. Besides speeding up the rendering of the list of projects (and making the compact view more compact 😃), we have added dedicated Collapse all / Expand all buttons in the top right corner. Collapse all of them, and only expand the project you are currently working on in order to save some space.

Cleanup mode for API, CLI and Git integrations

There is a popular feature, Cleanup mode, available through the web interface on the upload of the files. It deletes keys in Lokalise that are not present in the files being uploaded. Good news, it is now available via CLI and API as well.

LiveJS support for aria-label

From now on aria-label attribute is supported in the Lokalise LiveJS web in-context editor.

Apply filters by clicking on tags and filenames

Clicking a tag or a filename in the editor now applies the corresponding Filter. Adding new tags is done by clicking the tag icon.

Key level separators for Sketch integration

It is now possible to set a custom key level separator for your Sketch imports. Available options are dot, underline, hyphen, space, colon, double colon.


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