The 31-day localization kickstart

In the immortal words of John and Yoko it’s, “Another year over. And a new one just begun.” And what better way to begin your new year than with a 31-day localization refresher program? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, these recommendations should leave you inspired and ready to win at localization in 2022.

Each day, we have a suggestion for a book, podcast, or article for you to enjoy while helping you brush up on your localization knowledge. Not everything is localization focused, everyone needs a break after all — we’ve also sprinkled in some recommendations for body and mind to start your year off right.

1 January

Peak Mind

Happy New Year! After your New Year’s Day walk, or swim for the brave among you, set yourself up for an attentive new year. Hundreds of articles and apps offer a panacea to our attention problems, but few back them up with as much scientific research as Amishi Jha’s Peak Mind. Her 15 years of research have led to a solution which involves a commitment of only 12 minutes a day.

2 January


After reading Peak Mind, you’ll probably feel like starting your meditation journey. We like Headspace. It’s great for beginners and includes guided sessions specifically for your lunch break and to close off your workday.

3 January

Inspiration time

Launch yourself into the New Year with some Monday inspiration. Our case studies are full of examples of companies, from Revolut to Yelp, who’ve won at localization. Take a look at some of the automations and optimizations they’ve used and get ready to implement them on your first week back at work.

Image showing app in three different languages

4 January

Browse the library

Take your first steps into mastering localization at the new Lokalise library. Learn how to streamline your localization efforts with our ebooks, checklists, webinars, and more expert resources.

5 January

Getting started with localization from scratch

Is localization part of your 2022 goals but you don’t know where to start? This webinar is the perfect first step. In it you’ll learn:

  • Why you should think global from the very beginning
  • How to plan and prepare for localization to avoid costly mistakes (that many companies make)
  • What i18n (internationalization) is and why it is inseparable from l10n (localization)
  • How to set up a localization workflow from scratch

6 January

Global Ambitions podcast

Ever present on our podcast schedule, Global Ambitions delivers short, actionable insights for localization and internationalization professionals. Every two weeks, they drop a 15-minute episode, which could cover anything from marketing localization to app store optimization.

7 January

The Culture Map

If global expansion is on your agenda, understanding how cultural differences impact international business could give you an advantage over the competition. Here, Erin Meyer combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for working in a global world.

8 January

Nike Training Club

It’s January and there are hundreds of training apps to choose from — decisions, decisions. We did a quick internal survey, and the most popular among our team is Nike Training Club. It has everything from at-home workouts and gym plans, to quick yoga sessions for your lunch break.

9 January

Walk, run, cycle

Is it a hat? Is it a scarf? Or even a face mask? A gaiter is all of the above and an essential piece of kit for your Sunday walks, runs, or cycles. Our favorite is made by our friends at Specialized.

10 January

The complete guide to design-stage localization

Imagine you could build a better customer experience and improve your product for a global audience, all while localizing your product in a far more efficient manner. By localizing at the design-stage, you can.

11 January

How to approach localization

Think with Google has some great resources for tech companies looking to expand their reach. This one on localization provides a nice concise overview.

12 January

The main challenges when designing for a global audience

Was your interest piqued by The complete guide to design-stage localization? In this webinar with our friend, and Sketch advocate, Kevin Smith, we look at the practical implications of this, including:

  • What design-stage localization is
  • Kevin’s experience designing localized products for a global audience
  • The top 5 biggest localization challenges for designers
  • How to implement design-stage localization at your organization

13 January

Globally Speaking

Globally Speaking covers the intersection between language and business. Each episode is a laid-back conversation between experts on topics such as translation, interpretation, technology, global marketing, and global expansion.

14 January

Truly Global

Anna N Schlegel is one of the leading voices in global expansion for tech companies, having been there and done it all. This book covers everything you need to know to globalize your company from start to finish, including who to recruit as members of a globalization team, how to integrate globalization in each department, and how to use the team’s research to build your brand’s presence in new markets.

15 January

Build an arcade machine at home: Step-by-step guide

Hey, it’s Saturday, and what better way to relax than by building your own arcade machine?! Our CEO Nick did it in his down-time and documented the whole process step by step.

16 January

Squid Game

Completed Netflix yet? If not, try and catch Squid Game. It’s definitely the show which has generated the most chat on our Slack channels, both for its brilliance, and the controversy surrounding its subtitles.

17 January

Why localized support is critical for your company’s long-term global success

The ability to fully support your customers in all the locations where you operate can be the difference between international success and a costly mess. In this webinar, we chat with our friends at Intercom about developing a localization strategy and the role customer support plays in that strategy.

18 January

How to build a strong localization team

With exclusive insights and real-life examples from 10+ companies, such as ActiveCampaign and Onfido, this ebook will show you how to assemble the best possible localization team.


19 January

The state of the language industry today

This is a great, data-packed webinar from one of the leading research companies in the language services industry that should give you an overview of the major players and the latest trends.

20 January


We’re regular readers of Slator to keep abreast of all the goings-on in the language industry. Their podcast is also essential listening for lunch-time walks. They dissect all the latest news and trends in translation, localization, and language technology.

21 January

The General Theory of the Translation Company

“A book about the language services industry that doesn’t bore you to tears” — we couldn’t agree more. Essential reading for all the translators out there.

22 January

At-home yoga retreat

Turn your living room into an oasis of calm for the day with one of these full or half-day yoga retreats offered by Adventure Yogi. With your eyes closed, and the heating turned up, you can pretend you’re in Bali.

23 January

Visit the galleries of the world

While away a Sunday browsing the works of some of the world’s most famous artists from your sofa. We’re thankful we haven’t tracked how many hours we’ve spent browsing Google’s Arts & Culture hub. Suffice to say, it’s been a lot.

24 January

The complete guide to solving the biggest localization issues for developers

Developers, this one’s for you. We take a look at some of the most common localization issues you face and show you how to solve them.

25 January

I18n and l10n: List of developer tutorials

Many developers find themselves asking: how do I add internationalization support to my application? To help you find the answer, we created this article listing useful internationalization tutorials for developers.

26 January

Build your localization tech stack

Who doesn’t love building a tech stack? Here we detail the five tools you’ll need and how you should choose them.

27 January

IMUG on YouTube

The International Multilingual User Group has been a forum for language technology professionals and users in Silicon Valley since 1987. We’re big fans of their YouTube channel, featuring in-depth talks from leading experts.

28 January

Think Outside the Country

This is essential reading for anyone thinking about global expansion. It’s sure to help marketers, designers, and executives develop sound strategies for going global—and avoid mistakes along the way. As a bonus, it’s full of checklists to keep you on track.

29 January

Meet new people

Meetup is one of our team’s favorite sites. Most of us don’t live in our home country, so we’re always looking for ways to connect with our adopted homes. Meetup helps us do this and learn a new skill along the way. Give it a try.

30 January

Start a hobby

Cook with Gordon Ramsay or learn about philosophy from Cornel West, whatever takes your fancy.

31 January

How about a new career?

Thinking of starting 2022 with a new adventure?. We’re growing fast and are looking for anything from designers to developers, account execs to product managers, and everything in between.

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