New: Live Edit Module, Project position bookmark and more

Hey! Some important stuff added to Lokalise in July and first half of August.

Live Edit Module

Live Edit Module of the iOS SDK in beta is live and kicking.

We think we’ve just disrupted 💪 the usual way you localize and translate your mobile apps. Take a look at the 1-min video:

Discuss it with us in the support chat which you always find at the lower-right corner of any page of the site, we’d love to hear from you!🤗

Magic scroll bar

Scrolling your keys and translation values in the editor is now as smooth as it can possibly be with the brand-new Magic scroll bar. When hovering the pointer over the vertical scrollbar you see the key ID as your destination. Tell us if you do not like that.

Project position bookmark

By enabling the Bookmark toggle, you will return to the same key in the middle of the scroll the next time you open the project.

Key editor enhancement

From now on you can add or update the text in the base language right in the open key editing dialogue – especially useful when adding new keys.

New machine translation engines

Two more machine translation (MT) engines, Microsoft Translator and SDL MT, are added to the existing two, Google NMT and Yandex Translate. Switch them on and off with toggles in your account settings.

Automatic plurals

Automatic Plurals work according to the Unicode rules adding as many different plural forms to each language as needed.

Google translate and placeholders

One of the small but noticeable touches – we have made Google Machine Translation handle your placeholders correctly. No more occasional extra spaces and another weird behaviour. Your translators and more importantly developers will appreciate for sure.


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