What’s new in April? Bulk actions for everyone!

The power is in your hands this month, literally. Hmmm, or maybe fingertips is more accurate. 

Anyhoo, let’s get to the meat of the matter (note to self: don’t write this at lunchtime).🥩

It’s mostly about enhanced permissions

This month, we released updates to Lokalise permissions. Sounds like such a small change but it’s a huge deal. Those nodding along will know what I mean. 

For those who don’t let’s go over what this change could mean for you.

First, let’s give it up for…

Language access control

It’s now possible to specify who gets to view or edit each language within your projects. This means better organization, fewer unwanted changes, and teams that work together without stepping on each other’s toes. Hoorah!

Smoother workflows with more accessible bulk actions 

Introducing bulk actions for everyone! Not just admins. Don’t forget to specify which bulk actions users can and cannot perform. Your localization operations are about to get even more efficient. 

Peace of mind for project managers

Accidents happen – we’re all human after all. So we made it easier for you to minimize mistakes by giving you the power to restrict high-impact actions, like merging parts of a project, making edits to your final product, or adjusting glossary terms. Decide who has access to what and have one less thing to worry about.  

Improved user management and project privacy

You can now see when users were last active in projects, so you can make informed decisions about who to keep or remove from teams. Adding users to multiple projects and tailoring permissions to their roles is also more straightforward and less repetitive – just one click and away you go. If you’re importing teams from other projects, you can now exclude certain users – making compliance with privacy and security standards a priority. 

With these updates, you’ll have greater flexibility when it comes to managing teams and putting languages, projects, and permissions, in the right hands.

Learn more about permissions

Typings for webhook events

The Lokalise Node SDK now includes type definitions for webhook events. This allows developers to clearly see the structure and format of the data included in each event, making it easier to understand and use.

New Lokalise Academy courses

Lokalise Academy just got a makeover and new content to help you brush up on your localization skills. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills using Lokalise, optimize your workflows. or just want to learn how localization can help your business, our expert courses will teach you everything you need to know. 

Free new courses, hot off the grill ♨️

Check out role-based, starter, and certified localization courses.

It’s time to start expanding your localization knowledge for free. 

Go to Lokalise Academy now.

And that’s a 🌯… Off to grab some lunch now.

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