New: Tasks, LiveJS, Mobile SDK localization insights and more

Exciting New Year’s presents formed this update.


The long-awaited Tasks module is the ultimate replacement for notifications (R.I.P.). It’s a much better way for project admins to create and assign tasks and keep track of the task progress. Translators will see Incoming task widget that lists all their current tasks along with the amount of work still to be done.

Mobile SDK localization insights

With integrating Lokalise iOS and/or Android SDK into your apps, not only you instantly update your text strings on the end-user devices, but also get the localization data on your users. Obviously timely decisions based on these data may very well benefit your business. Learn which languages in your project are the most popular and which languages you might need to add.  App languages, device languages, device – app language pairs, language usage by week, monthly active users, requests/users per period. All report data is downloadable. You may need to update the SDK in your apps to Lokalise iOS SDK 0.8.0 and Lokalise Android SDK 1.3 or higher.

Mobile SDK bundle freezes

Yet another amazing feature for Lokalise iOS/Android SDK users. You can now restrict particular bundle version to serving particular build versions of your app, i.e. “freeze” them. Really handy if you don’t want to create a project copy for old app versions. Available with Lokalise iOS SDK 0.8.0 and Lokalise Android SDK 1.3 or higher.

Events and actions

Use events and actions to set up various event handlers and corresponding actions. You can add unlimited number of event handlers in each of the projects.

LiveJS — web in-context editor

Lokalise LiveJS is a JavaScript plugin that lets your translators edit your website texts and translations right on the webpage. Now Lokalise offers both web and mobile in-context editors, give them a try!

CLI tool updates

There are several useful tweaks in the Lokalise CLI tool. First, we’ve added unzip_to parameter to automatically extract the downloaded .zip bundle, so you don’t need to depend on external unzipper. Second, there is json_unescapes_slashes parameter to skip forward slash escaping with JSON export.

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