Our current workflow in Lokalise: when a copywriter populates all 3 languages, we trigger a CI pipeline, which exports iOS and Android localization bundles and integrates them into our application repositories. We use a separate github public repo to push/version all localization files. Pretty simple.

Lokalise’s Live SDK allowed us to free ourselves from the tyranny of updating localized keys in each app release.

Lokalise is very good: the team is nice and caring about your needs and the software is awesome. A lot of features and integrations make it easy to collaborate with external translators, because the platform gives you an overview of the translation state.

Localization is a difficult part of a project, Lokalise has the key features to provide a complete lifecycle and allows developers and translators to collaborate in the internationalization of projects.

We choose Lokalise because it’s convenient that you can write comments and attach screenshots to the translated keys. The work has become much easier for everyone.

At Ding we are always looking at ways to improve our service and processes – Lokalise helped us to do this – we would recommend Lokalise to all prospective users.

Lokalise is a fantastic platform, with top-notch support. You will not be disappointed.

Lokalise is really recommended if you want some easy to use, feature-rich and great customer support service for localization. Now we can update texts remotely without having to release a new app update. This is a huge advantage.

Deploying Lokalise has had a huge success among all our teams. Everyone loves it. It allowed us to have a comprehensive overview of our translations and improve them rapidly.

Localization is key to enter new markets. Lokalise has helped us to streamline the process of translating our product into 18 languages.

We manage translations for Android, iOS and backend applications through Lokalise - a simple and intuitive web application. It makes us work faster and react to change almost instantly.

Uploading and tagging screenshots is one of the Lokalise features I like most. This allows us to easily provide context for the translators and improve the quality of our translations. Messaging, notifications, integrations, they all contribute to providing better quality translations.

Our devs add the keys, our designers review them, and we have multiple people from multiple translations companies and internal people translating our content. Seems like a nightmare, but Lokalise makes it super easy and organized.

The mobile SDK is a must to keep your apps free from typos and other common localization issues. This really streamlined our workflow here at Shapr. The excellent support team has always provided speedy, helpful responses.

The major improvement we’ve seen is regarding the adoption rate and the praise from our global teammates. With Lokalise, they finally have one place to go to update or modify translations. With the ability to update in the same place we pull translations, turnaround time is much faster.

Lokalise is a very useful tool, with great support. Make sure to use them if you want an efficient translation process.

Lokalise has a very user-friendly interface, the filters and tags are extremely helpful in keeping everything organized and the in-line editor which synchs in both directions is a very neat little tool. Even just being able to attach screenshots to provide context has been a huge timesaver. Overall, Lokalise does exactly what it's supposed to do and the constant development has improved the software already so much over the time I've been working with it. However, the most noteworthy thing is the outstanding customer support that deals with questions and issues in record time.