Firecore is shining brighter with Lokalise

Founded in 2008, Firecore is the maker of fantastic video players for iOS and Apple TV. Their flagman product Infuse is a versatile video player app. It supports different formats and devices, delivers high-performance playback, enables you to pair it with your favorite cloud services. Simply put, makes your video streaming experience a sight better. Their other product, aTV Flash, is aimed at enhancing and extending the functionality of Apple TV.



Translators using Lokalise


Release cycle time


Gaps and challenges

Throughout the years, Firecore has tried a number of approaches to translation management, from basic spreadsheets to various translation management platforms. None of them turned out to be good enough and that made the company go on seeking another option every time.

An ideal translation management system (TMS) for them would be the one closing the gap between the developers and translators. Such a system should meet two main requirements: flexibility and ease of use. Sufficient flexibility is necessary for the TMS to get integrated into the development pipeline. And while developers could possibly cope with a complex TMS, an intuitive and user-friendly interface is essential for the translators.

A tailor-made solution

Thus, while googling another replacement for their translation provider, Firecore discovered Lokalise. It distinctively stood out among other TMS options they were considering at the same time,

The team finally found the ease of use they were craving for. Firecore has its own amazing team of translators, and it is important that they all can use the TMS directly from anywhere. On top of that, a unique combination of available features made the platform a real value for money.

Favorable result

Lokalise fit nicely into the development process, The team members now spend significantly less time handling the keys: the translators log into Lokalise and work with their assigned tasks as they appear in the system.

Over a two-year period, where other solutions brought frustration and disappointment, Lokalise proved itself as a capable and reliable partner. Hence, Firecore continues working with Lokalise: such a solution saves them money and ensures high translation quality in the long term.

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