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How the Lokalise + Intercom integration works

Install the Lokalise app from the Intercom App Store.

Install the Lokalise App

All incoming messages will be automatically translated into your chosen language.

All messages will be automatically translated

Start your answer with ! to reply in the language the customer reached out to you.

Start your answer with !

The client will receive an instantly translated reply.

The client will receive an instant reply

You don't have to speak all languages – because we do

Better service

Better service to your customers

Stats show that 80% of customers want to receive support in their native language. Use a real-time translation solution by Lokalise and win your customers' loyalty by offering the service they expect.

Save thousands

Save thousands in expenses

You don't need to hire a global customer service team when you can get one free app that supports 100+ languages. The quality of support won't change. Your profit will.