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Expand your customer support globally without increasing headcount. Lokalise Messages translates conversations between customers and agents in real-time using the tools you already use.

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With Lokalise Messages, being able to chat with and provide support to our users in their native language, in real-time, at all times is game-changing. Doubly so, given the urgent nature of most requests.

Jacob Palmer, International Growth Manager at

Lokalise Messages checks all the boxes

Finding the right solution for your customer support team's localization needs is key when scaling and nurturing growth. With many options available, Lokalise Messages checks all the boxes to ensure your support team is successful.

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Lokalise Messages Leading Competitors

Unlimited languages, Monthly contracts

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Usability & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Implement in minutes & Low TCO

Complex Management and high TCO

Free Customer Support
Language Detection
Language Analytics
Machine Translation
Speed Translation
Integration into customer service tools (Intercom & Zendesk)
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The preferred real-time multilingual support integration of 1000+ customers

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Get the most with Lokalise Messages

Expanding to global markets and supporting your customer in their native language should be easy, simple and cost-effective. With Lokalise Messages your teams can have everything they need to reach your global audience.

  • Over100
    Over 100+ languages available at no extra cost

    With Lokalise Messages you can reach more customers globally in their native language without the hassle of hiring multiple multilingual agents. Unlike our competitors who offer limited language translations at a higher cost limiting your reach.

  • Easy
    Easy setup with 24/7 chat support

    Be ready to provide multilingual service in a matter of minutes using Notes or the Inbox widget. Plus, you get access to any additional assistance via our 24/7/365 chat support with no additional onboarding and support cost.

  • Data-driven
    Make Data-Driven Decision

    Get full visibility of customer service interactions per language with language stats dashboard and metrics. With this insight you can identify contact volume per language to make smarter hiring decisions and know where to prioritize expansion.

  • More_than
    More than Just a Chat Translation Tool

    Most of our competitors only provide real-time chat translations for support teams but we offer more than just Lokalise Messages. Through our TMS features, you can deliver an end-to-end localized experience throughout your customers' journey. This means you can delight your customers at every stage of their buying journey in their native language.

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