Control, collaborate, and automate the whole translation process for your team.

Translation management system for faster, smarter localization

The world’s leading brands use Lokalise to provide localized experiences

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We are spinning up new translations for the entire platform in less than a week; previously a task that could have taken 2–3 months.

John Conneely, Product Manager

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Ensure quality

Add glossaries, style guide, use built-in QA checks, context sharing tools — to enhance the quality and cohesion of translations.


Connect all your content and create a single source of truth for all your translations. Add and assign tasks, track progress, and simplify management of all your resources.


Lower costs

Stop overpaying by utilizing translation memories and duplicate finder tool. Experience AI-powered, context-specific translations designed to save you more.


Release faster

Localize your product in parallel with the development cycle. Save hours with the powerful API, CLI, mobile SDKs, and integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and more.


Integrate localization into continuous product development

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  • 3x

    less localization-related workload
  • 37%

    shorter development release cycle
  • 8x

    faster translation delivery

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