“It probably takes longer for Apple to review the app than for us to roll out a new language with Lokalise.”

Edward Cooper, Chief Mobile Officer

Localization platform that is built for speed and automation

From web to mobile, release high-quality multilingual content on time and on budget.

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The world’s leading brands use Lokalise to provide localized experiences

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Control the localization process

Collaborate with your team in a single workspace. Add and assign tasks, track progress, and enjoy a seamless localization workflow where you know who is doing what and when.

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Shorten time to market

Localize your product in parallel with the development cycle. Use the Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch plugins to start working on translations as soon as the product design is ready. No more idle waiting.

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Ensure quality

Use built-in tools — e.g. translation memory, machine translation, and QA checks — to enhance the quality and cohesion of translations. Add product screenshots for context and use the in-context editors for instant previews.

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Less work for developers

Eliminate the hassle of localization and let developers get back to their main tasks. Save hours with the powerful API, CLI, mobile SDKs, and integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, Azure Repos, Jira, and more.

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const lokalise = new LokaliseApi({apiKey: token}); project_id, { format: "json", original_filenames: true } );

The most-loved translation management software


Bring everyone into a single workspace

No more back-and-forth with multiple spreadsheets and lengthy email trails. With Lokalise, your team gets access to a clean and powerful online translation editor with numerous built-in features to boost localization accuracy and speed.

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I like that everything – translations and project management – happens within Lokalise. I don't have to check my emails for updates, reply three times to the same question, etc. I can just have a look at Lokalise and see everything I need to see.

Kasper Supré Product Manager
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Some say: we use this tool for website localization, that tool for backend, and another for apps. But we can do everything in one tool – Lokalise.

Kasper Munck Lead Software Engineer
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From a development point of view, Lokalise helped us to increase speed and productivity by 50%. For our product team that's responsible for the translation workflow, the speed has increased by up to 80%.

Eric Vu Backend developer
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