Lokalise plugin for Figma

Exchange design content, translations and screenshots between Figma and Lokalise. Seamlessly pull translations back and check if your design works in all languages with our Figma localization plugin.

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How Lokalise Figma plugin works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Figma with Lokalise

  • Push language files from your repository to Lokalise using the integration

    strings to the Lokalise project

  • Translate strings using the Lokalise integration

    all the new or updated strings

  • Pull translated strings to your repository using the Lokalise integration

    translated content back to Figma and see if it fits the design

Quickly populate your design in different languages

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with product managers, invite translators and developers, ask or answer questions, leave comments — all in a single platform. With the whole team aligned on the project, you can ensure a more efficient and frictionless design localization process.

  • Share context

    The easiest and quickest way to provide translators with a context is using screenshots. In Lokalise project you can add screenshots and select an area on screenshots for each key that has to be translated. There is even an option to create or update screenshots automatically.

  • Speed up your workflow

    Push text for translation from Figma to Lokalise in a matter of seconds, and pull it back once the translation is ready to quickly test all languages in your designs without going back and forth with product managers, translators and developers.

Who uses the Lokalise + Figma integration?

An illustration representing Lokalise integrations
  • Designers

    Designers are able to continue working on their designs in Figma, whilst receiving the new translations directly into the fields in question, and seeing if different languages fit without even leaving the platform. All at the touch of a button.

  • Translators

    Translators are provided with screenshots of the location of the text to help with the context, simultaneously improving the precision of the translation as well as increasing the speed at which they can work.

  • Managers

    Managers can eliminate a ton of manual work by streamlining the collaboration of other team members involved to ensure continuous localization of the product. All you'll have to do is assign tasks to translators and approve multilingual designs delivered by a design team.

Frequently asked questions

How can I preview translated strings in my design?
You can pull the translations back from Lokalise and switch to the desired language to preview the translations.
How can I choose not to push particular text elements to Lokalise?
You can either make a selection of what you want to push or you can hide unnecessary elements from Figma designs.
Can I update the screenshots inside Lokalise if I changed my designs?
Yes, simply push the updated designs and tick option to “update screenshots”.
Can I change the key names individually?
Yes, you can if the key is not yet created in Lokalise.

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