Lokalise plugin for Adobe XD

Deliver localized UI/UX designs now faster than ever. Easily exchange design content and screenshots, quickly preview how the translations impact the design, create multilingual prototypes, and more.

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Enabling multilingual software design

Quickly review your design in all languages without leaving Adobe XD. No more back-and-forths or manual copy-pasting. Think of different ways of immediately using multilingual designs: quality assurance, illustrative screenshots for app stores, and many more.

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How Lokalise Adobe XD plugin works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Adobe XD with Lokalise

  • Push language files from your repository to Lokalise using the integration

    strings (with screenshots) to the Lokalise project

  • Translate strings using the Lokalise integration

    all the new or updated strings

  • Pull translated strings to your repository using the Lokalise integration

    translated content back to Adobe XD and preview the design in all languages

Start localizing at the design stage and release multilingual web and mobile apps at speed

  • Centralize your software localization efforts

    Lokalise is an all-in-one translation management tool for developers, managers, translators, and designers, providing features for all stakeholders involved in the localization process. Collaborate with your team and external partners in a single workspace and streamline the delivery of software localization projects of any scale.

  • Improve quality & reduce translation costs

    Providing translators with screenshots of the planned locations for the text before they even start working on translations simultaneously improves the precision, as well as increases the speed at which they can work. Moreover, translators gain access to powerful built-in tools to improve translation quality and ensure consistency, including automated QA checks, spelling and grammar checks, glossaries, and Translation memory.

  • Preview & customize multilingual designs

    Create prototypes and mockups in Adobe XD, pull translated content in different languages from Lokalise, and instantly see how the design looks in all provided translations. This way you can fix any design breaks early in the process, push translations back to Lokalise if additional iteration is needed (without leaving the XD), save developer-hours and eliminate back-and-forth communication within the team.

Who uses the Lokalise + Adobe XD integration?

  • Designers

    Designers already see translations at the design stage, making it possible to get the design ready for multilingual applications for the very beginning. No more back and forth, no more unpleasant surprises when *gasp* the text doesn't fit.

  • Translators

    Translators are given context of their text via design screenshots. This ensures that the translations will fit perfectly, every time. The result? Practically eliminating the “revisions” step, and massively speeding up time to launch.

  • Managers

    Managers get to eliminate micromanaging and let the software notifications do the work. Simply assign the right people to the right tasks and watch the cogs work in perfect harmony, churning out continuous localization.

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