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I'm a big fan of Lokalise. This software makes our lives so much easier. Currently the best on the market if you need localization tool.

Sami Topal, Technical Product Manager

8x faster translation delivery

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    Streamline your workflows

    Share Contentful assets with Lokalise, and translate them with a few clicks. Set up automated daily import of new content to streamline your processes.

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    Improve quality

    Add your style guide, and glossary, share context, and automate QA checks, for translations that are accurate and on-brand.

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    Cut translation costs

    Find and remove duplicates, translate with AI, reuse past translations, and save up to 50% on new language launches.

Why do you need a translation management system?


Centralized content management

Manage all your multilingual content in one place – from your website, apps, documentation – you name it. Lokalise ensures visibility and consistency across all assets and serves as a single source of truth for all stakeholders who participate in the localization process.


User-friendly translation editor

With Lokalise, your team gets access to an easy-to-use online translation editor with numerous built-in features to boost accuracy and speed. Use multilingual or bilingual views, translation suggestions, shortcuts, and all other key features of CAT tools that you don't get access to when performing translations directly in the CMS.


Keep track of progress

Stay in control by monitoring the status of translation tasks. Track what still needs to be translated, what needs to be reviewed and get notified once translations are completed.



Build fully automated workflows with our Automations feature. Set up multi-step rules that monitor specific changes in one language and automatically perform actions on the other, e.g., use machine translations, translation memory, manage translation statuses, and more.

Talk to one of our localization specialists

Build a reliable, automated translation process and make sure your content resonates with your global audience.