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Powerful localization workflow management tools that allow your team to collaborate, manage and review translations in a productive, flexible and efficient way.

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Eliminate needless waiting with chained tasks

You can organize tasks into chains so that when one task is completed, the next task in the chain starts automatically.


Branching (version control)

Work on a new version of your content, while simultaneously supporting previous versions. Merge the two when ready and resolve any automatically identified conflicts.


Keep track of progress at a glance

Check your projects dashboard to see the completion status, words left to be translated, unverified issues, and more.


Custom translation statuses

Use your own indicators to describe the status of any translation. Choose custom words and color-code the statuses, providing for an easier overview.



Automate communication related to any event within Lokalise, such as completed tasks, opened tasks, and many others. Create a script to export the triggered events to your choice of application.


Stay on top of your organization's performance

Access each project's statistics in real-time. View words translated per language, team members on a project, amount of keys, completion percentage, and more.


Automate status management

Set up automated rules for changing translation statuses or wiping them completely. Define the statuses that are assigned to target languages, e.g. custom translation statuses and verified/unverified, when the value of a monitored language is changed.


Review Center

Enable your extended team to effortlessly review contextual translations and provide feedback at no additional expense with Review Center - streamlining your cost-effective review process.

Integrate localization into continuous product development

Localization workflow management in Lokalise

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  • boost-managers

    Update existing and launch new features and products while simultaneously localizing them in multiple languages. Streamline your team's workflow, maximize productivity, and speed up expansion to other markets.

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  • boost-developers

    Set up an integration with your code repository or your own custom SDK via Lokalise's powerful API. Do that once, and every time you make changes in the code, they'll be automatically imported to Lokalise for translation.

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  • boost-translators

    Eliminate double-work and neverending revisions with visual context (screenshots) and live previews. Improve the quality and speed of your translations with built-in CAT tools, like autocomplete, inline machine translation, segmentation, and translation memory.

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I'm a big fan of Lokalise. This software makes our lives so much easier. Currently the best on the market if you need localization tool.

Sami Topal, Technical Product Manager

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