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Meet Lokalise Apps: the new home of localization apps and integrations

Today we’re launching Lokalise Apps, a central hub for all of our existing integrations with your favorite tools, like GitHub, Figma, and Intercom, plus the many apps currently being built.

It’s the doorway to our platform for your custom integrations, automations, and workflows, where businesses and engineers can enhance their exposure, attract opportunities, and leverage the community of localization specialists who use Lokalise on a daily basis.

Building an open hub for tools to make localization even more efficient is an important first step in our efforts to build the ecosystem which companies can rely on for all their localization needs.

Why we’re launching an app store

We want to make it easier for teams to meet their specific workflow requirements. Any team will now be able to create a customized localization solution by utilizing the power of REST APIs and webhooks.

Our vision is for a world where choice isn’t limited by language. It may sound lofty, but we truly believe that remarkable things are possible in a world where the language you speak doesn’t hinder your ability to communicate. Using the power of technology, we help thousands of companies realize the full potential of their global business.

We do this by enabling automations and workflows that simplify, and amplify, their localization efforts, communication, and reach. Over 3000 companies, from Hyundai to Revolut, use Lokalise every day to connect with their customers and prospects in their own languages. 

Like language itself, every organization’s localization efforts have subtle differences and nuances. They have different tech stacks, use cases, and pain points.

We’ve already built more than 50 integrations and plug-ins in-house for some of the most popular tools used by our customers. Now we’re empowering you to build tools you can use to customize your workspaces and simplify your processes, with the added advantage of helping our community of users do the same.

Who is Lokalise Apps for?

An app directory is only as good as the apps within it. That’s where you come in. Any person or company in the localization industry—engineers, service providers, translators—has a place within Lokalise Apps.

Engineers can now develop custom integrations with any other tool in the world and solve problems for the entire industry. Do you have an idea for a productivity feature? A service that would be amazing to connect with Lokalise? We want to help you realize, build, and share your talent and work.

Technology partners can leverage Lokalise Apps to attract even more users, by developing plug-ins that seamlessly exchange data between systems. Our users are always looking to optimize their processes, using deeper integrations with additional tools. We partner with companies to ease the workflows of our mutual users and are always open to partnerships which lead to the best possible outcomes for our customers. In turn they can deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

Here’s some helpful documentation with which you can familiarize yourself before diving in:

The apps that you build will be published on the Lokalise platform, enhancing your exposure and attracting opportunities to expand and evolve your business. We’ll promote apps built by partners, and lend co-marketing support to new apps, thus creating stickiness and adoption among Lokalise users. 

What you can build

Developer Pravin Chaudhary developed an extension to work as a bridge between Pimcore and Lokalise for the purpose of automating the entire translation workflow. It reduces delays in the process by enabling users to automatically translate and review content. This eliminates most of the manual steps involved in localization along with receiving a quality translation review service from Lokalise. This app will now be promoted to other Lokalise users to integrate and benefit from.

“The motivation and inspiration to build the extension was both a customer requirement and an opportunity to integrate two emerging and powerful platforms. Thus, creating a seamless experience for both Pimcore and Lokalise users.” – Pravin Chaudhary, Developer

Where do I sign up?

Hopefully your imagination is running wild with ideas. If this sounds like you, please get in touch. Let us know in the chat box in the bottom right of your screen or fill out the form at the link below. Our Partnerships team will then be in touch to discuss your idea, and how we can help you bring it to life.

Talk to one of our localization specialists

Book a call with one of our localization specialists and get a tailored consultation that can guide you on your localization path.

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