Localization isn’t dead, but the way you have known it just might be. 

You now have the power to localize faster and with less money spent with Lokalise AI. See it for yourself and enter for your chance to get 30,000 AI credits.

Ding, Dong! Is localization dead?

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See how easy it is to go over the rAInbow with Lokalise AI


Follow the Purple Brick Road: Translate in the Land of AI

  • Customize translations with one click

    Customize translations with one click

    Rephrase, choose from variants, or shorten your translations directly in the editor.

  • Get translated copy made to fit

    Get translated copy made to fit

    Make it easy to stick to character limits. Shorten copy with one click for fewer design breaks you’ll need to fix.

  • Keep translations consistent

    Keep translations consistent

    Generate quality reports with just one click to review translations, and deliver content that’s consistent and accurate.