Talk to your customers in their native language instantly and accurately

Communicate with your customers in their language with Lokalise Messages. Use real-time translation to instantly translate live chat and support tickets on Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot and more.

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Real-time live chat translation and localization made easy

Equip your agents with a real-time translator that helps manage any interaction on any available channel, in 100+ languages.


Scale your customer support

Keep your operations scalable and hire based on expertise. Use machine translation plug-in to serve your global customers, no matter what agents are available.


Ensure minimal disruption for your agents

Maintain your existing processes and tools. Lokalise Messages works directly on the tools your agents are most familiar with.


With Lokalise Messages, being able to chat with and provide support to our users in their native language, in real-time, at all times is game-changing. Doubly so, given the urgent nature of most requests.

Jacob Palmer, International Growth Manager at

Lokalise Messages features


AI-powered machine translation

Real-time machine translation of tickets and chat text in 100+ languages, powered by artificial intelligence.



Accurate translation of your industry and company terminology with customized glossary entries.



Full visibility of customer service interactions per language with a language stats dashboard and metrics.


Language-based routing

Automatically detects customers’ languages and routes conversations to native agents.

*Some features are only available for specific integrations. 
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Ready for real-time customer support translation

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