Set automated rules for your workflows

Trigger action chains like applying machine translation, translation memories, pseudolocalization, and others, based on changes in any language in the project.

Available actions

You can define the following rules for Lokalise to perform changes in your project automatically:

Auto–fill rules

Fill in the target text with translations from the source, e.g. en_GB -> en_US

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Pre-translate using MT engines

As soon as any defined language is changed via the API, integrations, or manually, you can set the rule to pre-translate target languages with machine translation results (e.g. Google MT or DeepL)

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Use translation memories

Define a minimum threshold and pre-translate target languages with TM entries that meet a minimum threshold criteria (e.g. 95% match)

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Whenever new keys are created or the source is updated, you can set the system to pseudolocalize the selected target languages and choose the % by which you want to increase/decrease the text length

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Status management

When the value of the defined language is changed, you can assign different statuses to target languages, e.g. custom translation statuses and verified/unverified. You can also clear previously assigned statuses.

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Custom localization automation – taken to the next level

There are no default workflows that perfectly suit each and every translation project. Different needs for different types of content require flexibility in automating routine tasks that your team is directly involved in. With Automations, the system makes changes in your localization project automatically, based on the settings and conditions you’ve chosen.

  • Automations_cutting_down
    Cutting down on manual routine tasks

    Lokalise will monitor specific locales for changes and perform actions on other locales based on the pre-set rules. There is no longer a need for you to log in to the platform and perform repetitive manual tasks.

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  • Automations_numerous
    Numerous use cases set your way

    Pre-translate with translation memories, use machine translations or pseudolocalization, automate custom status assignment, and more.

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  • Automations_flexibility
    Flexibility in full control

    Set custom rules for the system to perform actions based on specified criteria. For example, only using translation memory matches of 95%-100%. Furthermore, all changes performed by the tool can be seen in Translation History.

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  • Automations_next_steps
    Next steps predefined

    Automate how your localization workflows move from one step to another based on changes in any locale of the project. Moreover – you can set the minimum translation change threshold that will trigger the action chains.

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Automation tools for a continuous localization workflow with all team members in mind


Automate file management for developers

Use our powerful API, CLI, and integrations with GitHub and Bitbucket to speed up the import/export process by linking the language files to a localization project in Lokalise.


Integrate with design tools

Automate the design localization process by leveraging Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch plugins. Let designers preview mockups in all languages without leaving their favorite design tools.


Automate the translation process

Machine translations, translation memories, automated QA checks, context sharing and more – equip your translators with powerful tools to improve the quality and speed at which they can work.


Structure and organize translations

Manage the entire localization process from a single dashboard, assign tasks, and track and control progress.

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