Lokalise Data Processing Addendum

Our Data Processing Addendum (the "Addendum") forms an integral part of the agreement we have with you and is incorporated by reference into Lokalise Master Service Agreement, Lokalise Terms of Service, Application License Agreement or any other superseding written agreement by and between you as the Customer and Lokalise Inc.

The Addendum has been pre-signed on behalf of Lokalise. The Addendum is available for download for counter-signing. Please complete the information in the “Customer” signature section and then sign where indicated. Once signed, you can submit the completed Addendum to privacy@lokalise.com, indicating, if applicable, Customer Account Number (as set out on the applicable Customer order or the invoice).

If you entered into an Agreement with us prior to 21 March 2023 our previous DPA will be applicable and this can be found here.

Notice to Individuals:

End-users, Personnel, Sub-contractors and other Authorized Users of our Customers

Our Services are intended for use by corporate clients and enterprises. Where our Services are made available to you through a Customer of ours, that Customer (a legal entity) is the Data Controller of your personal information.

Your data privacy questions and requests should initially be submitted to our Customer in its capacity as your Data Controller. Lokalise is not responsible for our Customers' privacy or security practices, which may differ from privacy or security practices at Lokalise.

Lokalise's Customers are able to:

(a) Restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the Services;

(b) Access and describe the personal information that you provided to them;

(c) Access and export your personal information, processed by them;

(d) Amend your personal information, including your end-user profile.