Lokalise AI is your personal localization assistant. It utilizes advanced AI translation software to automate time-consuming tasks and deliver high-quality, context-specific translations that effectively resonate with your audience.

Lokalise AI. Your shortcut to faster, smarter localization

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Translate with context

Lokalise AI takes a holistic view of your translation. Provide a short context for the string to get the perfect translation.

Pick a translation variant

Choose the translation that best conveys your message from multiple variants.

Rephrase translations

Having second thoughts about your chosen translation? Click Rephrase and get a new translation.

Find the perfect fit

Limit translation lengths to make sure translations fit your designs like a glove.

SEO-friendly translations

Optimize translations for search engines with just a click of a button and increase traffic to your website in multiple languages.


Connect your glossary

Enrich AI translations with your customized glossary to generate consistent and accurate translations, faster

More features coming soon features

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How do I get access to Lokalise AI beta?
Sign up for the waiting list to get access. When you are accepted, we will send you an email confirmation.
What features are available in beta?
In the beta program, you will be able to use Lokalise AI to generate contextual translations directly in your editor, choose from several translation variants, rephrase and shorten your translations.
Do I need to pay for Lokalise AI beta?
No. The Lokalise AI beta is free of charge.
How is Lokalise AI beta being rolled out across plans?
All Lokalise customers can be a part of the beta program. That means customers in Starter, Essential, Pro, and Enterprise plans.
How will my data be used?
The only data being processed is the original content being translated, its description, and context being provided. The data submitted through Lokalise AI is not used for other purposes, such as model training.
What are the best use cases for generating translations with Lokalise AI?
Lokalise AI is able to generate any translations. However, it’s most accurate when it comes to shorter strings of text. If you have long-form content, we recommend using it as a pre-translation tool. We advise you to always revise translated content with linguists.
Why is Lokalise AI in beta?
The beta program allows us to gain valuable insight and feedback to improve Lokalise AI.

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