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Easily weave localization management into your workflow at the development, design, or anywhere else stage. Make it work for you so you get more done in less time.

Streamline localization projects for rapid launches

Product Manager

Lokalise is incredibly easy to use for translators, and also for developers to implement SDK etc. New features are being delivered all the time, and we have good communication from our account manager.

Program Manager

Lokalise supported us right away. They support the customer first and ask for the subscription later. It is not easier said than done.

Localization Manager

Lokalise provides a CMS + TMS solution that we integrate with our code repository and allows our linguist team and LSP to work on it. Lokalise provides customizable functions and super helpful integrations that help us build an efficient process.


Provide Context

Use screenshots to provide context to your translators

Without context your translators are blind to the way in which what they are translating will be used. This could drastically effect the quality of the translations you get.
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Quickly find new translations without the back and forth

Use Lokalise AI to automate time-consuming tasks and deliver high-quality, context-specific translations that effectively resonate with your audience.
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Store Translations

Find translations for words you frequently use or have been translated in the past

Spend your time and money on new translations rather than repeating the ones that have been translated before
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Create and assign translation tasks

Invite contributors to create and review translations. Chain tasks and set up custom translation statuses.
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Review Center

Enable your extended team to effortlessly review contextual translations and provide feedback at no additional expense with Review Center - streamlining your cost-effective review process.
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AI LQA is an automated approach to managing language quality assurance (LQA) at scale. Enable efficient and objective translation quality evaluations.
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Our app marketplace has 60+ pre-built apps that make setup completely painless. Even for large teams.

Everything in sync in one place

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The world’s leading brands use Lokalise to provide localized experiences

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