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Lokalise provides you with advanced localization automation tools that allow you to seamlessly integrate localization into your continuous delivery workflow.

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Set up custom rules to keep your project moving along automatically. With the Automations feature enabled, the system will automatically perform certain actions based on identified changes, e.g. run pre-translation with TMs, use machine translations, pseudolocalization, etc.


GitHub / GitLab / Azure Repos / Bitbucket

Set up code repository integrations with the auto-pull option so Lokalise instantly imports language file updates as you push them to your repo.



Automate communication related to any event within Lokalise, such as completed tasks, opened tasks, and many others. Create a script to export the triggered events to your choice of application.



Use Lokalise API to build delivery chains of any complexity. Export bundled translations or simply list as JSON.



Include our CLI tool in your CI/CD scripts, Jenkins or simply use it as the uploader tool. Docker image included.


Cloud file storage

Set up direct upload of the language files to an Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage bucket of your choice.


Lokalise has turned a task we were dreading into an absolute pleasure. Great platform, intuitive UX, powerful API. The automatic text recognition for screenshots has been a lifesaver, and over-the-air updates are the icing on the cake.

Edward Cooper, Chief Mobile Officer

Boost your localization team’s productivity tenfold

  • boost-developers

    Set up an integration with your code repository or your own custom SDK via Lokalise's powerful API. Do that once, and every time you make changes in the code, they'll be automatically imported to Lokalise for translation.

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  • boost-managers

    Update existing and launch new features and products while simultaneously localizing them in multiple languages. Streamline your team's workflow, maximize productivity, and speed up expansion to other markets.

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  • boost-translators

    Eliminate double-work and neverending revisions with visual context (screenshots) and live previews. Improve the quality and speed of your translations with built-in CAT tools, like autocomplete, inline machine translation, segmentation, and translation memory.

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