Ensure higher translation quality while spending less time on quality assurance

It's easy to make translation errors, Lokalise's powerful translation quality assurance tools allow you to make sure it doesn't happen.

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Automated QA checks

Take error count to the minimum with automated and configurable translation quality assurance checks (QA).


Automated translation memory

Save time and ensure consistency using professional-grade translation memory with fuzzy matching and concordance search.


Automatic translation suggestions

Save time with automatic translation suggestions from the best neural machine translation engines: Google, DeepL, and Microsoft.


Built-in spelling and grammar checks

For 22 languages out of the box.


Eliminate the ambiguity about terms

Define and describe each term in a multilingual glossary (also known as a term base). Keep your project translations consistent.


If you are looking to use a single tool that is cloud-based, has a modern UI, supports automation via API calls and webhooks, Lokalise is your tool.

Tyler Brown, Software Development Manager

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