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New in November: Introducing Lokalise Apps, plus Figma & WordPress updates ????

This month, we launched Lokalise Apps as an open platform, so that anyone can build their own app on Lokalise. And that’s not all!  We also released placeholders for the Figma plugin and extended the WordPress app to include Polylang. 

Read on to get the updates in full ????

Build your own Lokalise App

Lokalise is now an open platform where anyone can build and list apps to help make localization a smoother process. If you have built an integration or want to create one, let us know here, and we will help you bring it to life, list it, and promote it to tens of thousands of Lokalise users.

Placeholders available in the Lokalise for Figma plugin

Our plugin for Figma now supports universal placeholders, giving you the flexibility to surface dynamic or default values in your designs. Duplicate and share the most accurate mockups of your designs to align teams earlier.

WordPress plugin extended to include Polylang

The Lokalise plugin for WordPress can now be used in tandem with Polylang, so you can use both tools to create multilingual web pages, content, and much more.

eBook: The complete guide to design-stage localization

The most efficient teams swear by implementing localization at the design stage, attributing it to more seamless workflows and ultimately, growth. Learn how to power your projects through design-stage localization in this tell-all guide, and get ready to reach new heights in 2022. 


That’s it for this month, see you next time! ????

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