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Introducing Lokalise AI: Your personal localization assistant

AI and localization are the perfect partners. AI-based translation solutions have already transformed the industry by powering the machine translation tools we rely on daily. Now, AI is making its second big play with large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4. And we’re excited to announce Lokalise AI – your personal AI-based assistant.

Incorporating this technology into Lokalise feels like a natural progression for us. When we founded the company, the focus was on speeding up the process of localization. We wanted to automate, simplify, and reduce the amount of unnecessary manual labor involved in the process. AI will help us to make rapid progress in doing this. Having tested it extensively, we can say with confidence that in the near future it will vastly accelerate the localization process while improving quality.

We are at the beginning of the journey with Lokalise AI, with so much more improvements to come. For now, say hi to your fully automated localization assistant. It’s been designed for anyone who wants to accelerate their localization process and deliver quality translations with minimum budget. We’re incredibly excited to announce these new features which are embedded right into the editor.

Lokalise AI features

So, what can you expect from Lokalise AI? Here’s what it can do already.

Translate with context

For the first time, you can provide the context, which is essential for effective translation. Briefly describe what the segment is about, where it appears, and get accurate translations that convey the right message in any language.

“Context” is the key word, as it ensures that the translated or adapted segment is not only linguistically accurate but also logically appropriate and relevant to the subject. Context without human involvement has, until now, been impossible.

Alternative translation variants

Once you’ve added context and entered the text you’d like to translate, you’ll be presented with a suggestion. If it’s not quite right, you can check multiple variants of your translation. Here you can choose the translation that best conveys your message.

Rephrase translations

In addition to performing the translation, it can rephrase the existing one. Click Rephrase to see an alternate wording.

Shorten translations

To find the perfect fit, critical for software translation, you can also shorten your translation to find a variant that perfectly fits your text box, button, or required field, without having to alter your design.

Lokalise AI is launching its private beta on March 27th. We can’t wait to get you using it, testing it, and pushing it to its limits. Simply register for the private beta at https://lokalise.com/ai to get started. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Lokalise AI private beta

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