Glossary of translation and localization terms

It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced in localization or not, some terms may still raise a question. We decided to make a glossary with the most common terms and acronyms related to localization and translation.

Agile localization: The complete guide

In the world of software development, localization used to be an afterthought. Product teams would focus on the design and development of the product. Only when the product is complete the need for localization arises. In today’s world, software...

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How to choose the right Language Service Provider (LSP) or Translation Agency (TA)

Here it is – your business, proudly built from scratch and on the verge of going global. Whether it’s an e-commerce store, an app, or software, you’re ready to set the course for international growth. But there’s just one...

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6 Things to remember when localizing mobile apps

Localizing mobile apps has become a necessity for any developer who wants to make the most out of their products. Releasing an app in just one language in general is not a smart move anymore, especially when trying to...

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Integrations: Deploying Lokalise into your workflow

“How do I integrate Lokalise into my deployment process?” All your answers are here, in one place. Bookmark this page for handy links to the latest list of Lokalise integration tools.

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