Introducing AI LQA

Last month, we launched Lokalise AI and early results from our beta customers show that Lokalise AI represents a big step towards the “AI + Human” future of localization. Today we’re doubling down on that future and announcing that we’ve built an AI-powered translation review bot. It’s called AI LQA, and we believe it’ll become a valuable partner to your localization team. 

When we started building AI LQA, we had a number of goals in mind. We wanted to build a tool that could: 

  • Run automated quality reviews
  • Deliver detailed reports of issues in minutes
  • Improve translation quality while reducing costs

With a bunch of useful features to boot, we’ll be adding many more to AI LQA in the future. Here’s what it can do already. 

AI LQA Features

Run automated quality reviews

If you manage localization, you know there are only two options for language quality assurance (LQA):

  1. Burden your localization team with continuous, manual translation reviews
  2. Hire a separate vendor to evaluate the translations of your primary translation vendor program

Both options require spending hours manually selecting & assigning the review tasks to linguists or translation agencies. And neither are cheap.

Enter AI LQA. It automatically categorizes errors and suggests corrections using an AI bot. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Select the translations you want to review.

  2. Create a task.

  3. Select the languages you want reviewed.

  4. Assign it your your smart (and fast!) assistant (AI LQA).

  5. Get your LQA report.

Get LQA reports in minutes

A quality pillar is in charge of maintaining quality standards at scale. With AI LQA, you can develop a scoreboard for each language so that all quality evaluations take place objectively, with clearly defined rules instead of opinions. Simply download an LQA report once your super-smart (and fast!) bot completes their tasks and get a scorecard for each language to instantly see if they pass your quality standards.

See detailed linguistic issues and built a quality pillar

Want to see specific linguistic errors on a granular level? Click on the detailed report and see their severity per translation. 

Perform glossary adherence checks

To allow you to keep terminology consistent across different content buckets. Check which translations aren’t respecting your glossary terms. 

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