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Lokalise and Codetribe: lifting each other up

“We can't imagine going back to doing things ourselves and not using Lokalise.”

Lazar Pantovic



Codetribe is a software agency that originated in Serbia, and with a presence in Estonia and Macedonia. What began seven years ago as a group of product developers helping startups and accelerators bring their ideas to life has evolved into a 55-strong agency that works with globally recognized corporations across a variety of industries and continents, with the goal to “build alliances with creative minds”


During the last couple of years, with steadily rising numbers of corporate clients, Codetribe has shifted into offering team extension models, where their experienced developers join a company's team to help deliver solutions. 


Most of Codetribe's work revolves around product development for international markets, making localization a core element of their daily duties. That's where Lokalise comes in – not only as a tool for managing translations but as a partner. 

The dev side of localization

In working with their clients, Codetribe takes responsibility for coding and integrations, whereas the localization itself is left for the client company to manage. Still, the team's involvement in the localization process is significant as the technical implementations fall on their shoulders. 


It used to be a hassle. “We tried several different approaches, we tried to do everything ourselves, and it even made sense in some scenarios,” explains Lazar. “But now, we can't imagine going back to the way things were and not using Lokalise”.


Codetribe has been a partner of Lokalise for 2+ years, choosing the tool because of how easy it was to integrate on their side. “Our team has grown accustomed to Lokalise, and it has really, really accelerated the speed at which we can roll out MVPs,” Lazar shares. 


Plus, their clients love it too. Offering the intuitive UI to the clients or their translation teams has been met with appreciative feedback.

“Our company has gained more recognition through Lokalise, and it helped us land a major client.” 

A reliable partner is worth its weight in gold

Speaking about Codetribe's partnership with Lokalise, Lazar highlights two main things – “Our company has gained more recognition through Lokalise, and it helped us land a major client.” Looking to the future, Lazar hopes for more of the same. 


Any and all collaboration has been smooth – in both directions. “The Lokalise team is a breeze to work with. Communication is easy and straightforward,” says Lazar, and Codetribe has also been a responsive, forthcoming, and versatile partner themselves. 


At the end of the day, successful localization and development are about relationships – the right tool without the right team will only get you halfway there. Luckily, at Lokalise, we've got both.


That's why Codetribe “recommend Lokalise not only to all our clients but to other companies that we're friendly with, as well.”

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