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Mobile app localization has never been faster

Lokalise fits neatly into your mobile development process, providing you with the speed, visibility, and control you require to launch high-quality translations on time.

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Get to market faster

Lokalise was built by developers who like to ship fast, and it shows. Notable time savings come from integrating Lokalise into your code repo. New strings are automatically prepared for translation without any file uploads or downloads. Or, use our robust and well-documented API to build, customize, and control your entire environment.

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Ensure high quality translations

Context can make or break translation quality. Easily add screenshots next to the content that needs to be translated. We also have all the QA features you would expect, like spellcheck, glossaries, translation memory, and more.

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Bring everyone into a single workspace

Using Lokalise as your single source of truth for mobile app localization and translation will make your life easier. By having your keys, strings, designers, content writers, managers, and translators all in one system that has chat, tasks, and comments, as well as integrations into the rest of your workflow, you are able to work together efficiently and effectively.

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Stay informed

Our mobile SDKs come with comprehensive usage statistics such as daily unique users, app languages, device languages, and more. With these insights you can easily make smart decisions about the next languages to add.

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Need-to-see features

No more spreadsheets, poor translation management, or being late to market.

Mob_app_loc_Over-the-air SDK

Over-the-air SDK

Once you use our over-the-air (OTA) SDK, which allows you to publish translation changes instantly without having to wait for app store approvals, you will never want to go back to the old way of doing things.

Mob_app_loc_Cross-platform capabilities

Cross-platform capabilities

Keep all platform keys in the same project and ensure simultaneous cross-platform translations. Use universal placeholders, and export to different platforms when needed.

Mob_app_loc_Integration with design tools

Integration with design tools

Use the Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch integrations to preview your new app design assets in different languages before a single line of code is even written.



Build fully automated workflows with our Automations feature. Set up multi-step rules that monitor specific changes in one language and automatically perform actions on the other, e.g., use machine translations, translation memory, manage translation statuses, and more.


Lokalise helped us streamline our localization process. Everything from collaborating with external translators to updating translated strings in all of our apps is now as easy as it can be

Luca Meschiari, CTO

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