Lokalise plugin for WordPress

Simplify Wordpress website translation and continuous multilingual content management.

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How Lokalise WordPress plugin works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    WordPress with Lokalise

  • Push language files from your repository to Lokalise using the integration

    the content to the Lokalise project

  • Translate strings using the Lokalise integration

    all the new or updated strings

  • Pull translated strings to your repository using the Lokalise integration

    the translated content back to WordPress

Continuous, automated, and streamlined localization for your multi language WordPress websites and blogs

  • Centralize your website localization efforts

    Lokalise is a collaborative translation platform which means you can simply and efficiently work with your team and external partners by managing all translation projects and tasks in one single tool.

  • Set up advanced translation workflows

    Import the content for translation from WordPress to Lokalise in a matter of seconds, and pull it back once the translation is ready. No more spreadsheets or tons of emails - assign tasks and automate notifications when certain actions are completed.

  • Faster launch, fewer errors & saved budgets

    Leverage the translation memory in order to be more consistent and save on translation costs. Use machine translation suggestions for rapid results and quick turnaround. Improve the quality with built-in tools, like automated QA checks, spelling and grammar checks, glossaries, and more.

See Lokalise + WordPress in action

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