Jira integration

Automatically create, update, and close Jira tickets to reflect translation orders and tasks in Lokalise. Trigger tasks, status updates, comments, and notifications in Jira to promote alignment across teams, and accelerate project delivery.

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How the Lokalise + Jira integration works

  • Connect

    Jira to Lokalise

  • Customize

    rules for automated actions to be performed in Jira

  • Track

    translation and revision tasks in Jira and Lokalise

  • Automate

    task synchronization, status updates, and follow-up tasks in Jira

Localization made visible

Keep every team in Jira in the loop and on track by generating automated notifications and comments while gaining visibility of translation tasks on both platforms.


Ship faster with automated workflows

Deliver software faster by automatically creating Jira tickets for developers when localization tasks are completed.


Smarter project management

Harness the power of automation and task synchronization between Lokalise and Jira to eliminate manual task updates and manage projects intelligently.


Jira integration capabilities

  • Jira_Continuous_task_sync_NEW
    Continuous task synchronization

    Translation tasks are synced in real-time between Lokalise & Jira

  • Jira_Notifications_comments_NEW
    Notifications and comments

    Trigger notifications and comments to promote context and ensure team alignment

  • Jira_Automated_follow-up_tasks_NEW
    Automated follow-up tasks

    Automatically generate Jira epics and tasks when translation tasks are completed to improve task handoff time.

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