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Simplify website and web app translation and continuous multilingual content management. Save developer-hours using powerful integrations, improve translation quality, and create a more efficient localization workflow.

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Automate the process

Automate routine tasks and save hours with the powerful API, CLI, and integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, Figma, Sketch, Contentful, Webflow, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and more.

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Manage cross-platform localization

Lokalise is a multiplatform system – that means you can store Web, iOS, Android or any other strings together, even if they originally exist in different files and formats. This way you can do simultaneous cross-platform translations and when the translations are done, get them exported to appropriate files with appropriate names depending on the platform.

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Choose machine or human translation

Invite your own translators, order translation services through Lokalise platform or simply use machine translations. Choose your preferences and manage updates on the fly.

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Ensure accuracy and consistency

Eliminate neverending revisions by providing your translators with visual context (screenshots) and live previews (web in-context editor).

Improve the quality and consistency of translations with built-in CAT tool features, like automated QA checks, spelling and grammar checks, and glossaries.

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Reduce translation costs

User interfaces may have many repetitive parts. Save your translation budget by leveraging translation memory. Easily access TM leverage data in your Project statistics and pay for new or modified text only.


Centralize your website localization efforts

Lokalise makes managing your global website or web app a simple task. Backend, frontend, single page, blogs, e-commerce websites — set it up once, and update multilingual content or add new languages easier than ever. No more spreadsheets, no more delays in new content or feature delivery across all markets.

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    Set-up once

    Upload files for localization or ask developers to do it in seconds. Set-up the automated process once, and eliminate manual work going further.

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    Translate & Review

    Invite a team of in-house translators or a third party translation agency, choose machine translations, or select one of our translation service providers.

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    Export the translated content using several automation options, and deliver it to end users up to 8x faster.

Less work for developers? Possible.

  • Auto-sync your updates

    Sync translation projects with the most popular code repositories — GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket. This way new keys are automatically added to Lokalise and when the keys are translated, all approved files can be automatically pushed back.

  • No more dull routine tasks

    Never again ask your developer to manually download or upload localization files. It's slow, inefficient, and is essentially wasting developer time doing monkey work. The integration with code repositories automates and speeds up this process.

  • Faster and more precise

    Significantly shorten the release cycle. Avoid human errors with the direct file exchange, and use the preview option to see and approve the resulting file/folder structure before pushing new updates live.


Lokalise allowed us to scale into new markets by adding new languages with little effort. Adding extra context to our resources helped us to provide more accurate translations.

Kasper Supré, Product Manager

Read our case studies and learn how Lokalise customers effectively manage their website translations:


Featured Customer Bunq_logo

50,000 words in 3 weeks: localizing bunq for Ukrainians

“Lokalise is fundamental in fulfilling our localization needs. I’m so proud to work for a company that took an interest in doing something helpful for Ukrainians… to get to contribute to it was something that made me so proud to be a bunqer.” 

Lennard van Ree

Senior Copywriter at bunq

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