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Attract more players in more markets with game localization

Translate every goal celebration, wizard’s spell, and hero’s map into your players' preferred language. With easy-to-access context for your translators, you’ll improve translation quality and be shipping fully localized games faster than you can say “Finish him!”.

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Crystal clear copy

Build a truly immersive experience with accurate copy created with glossaries, translation memory, built in QA checks, and multi-step revision workflows.

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Get a headstart on your process

Connect Lokalise with Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD so your designers can check translations at the design stage, facilitating feedback about cultural fit from translators early in the process.

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Use automations to ship faster

Integrate localization with your game engines, content management systems, or code repositories to create a single source of truth for your strings. Use our pre-built integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure Repos, or build custom connectors with delivery chains of any complexity with our robust API, CLI tool, and more.

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Effortless collaboration

Increase productivity and keep your project on track by integrating the tools you already use for collaboration including Jira, Asana, and Slack. Add and assign tasks, chain them one after the other, use key comments and project chat.

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Partner with the best in the business

We partner with leading language service providers for game localization, including Blend and Inlingo, so you can retain the spirit of your game, in every possible language.

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Lokalise is a fantastic platform for projects that entail translating a game's app into multiple languages. Have to make a quick change to the app text without managing multiple giant spreadsheets? Lokalise can do that. Want to reference all the project languages when translating? Easy! As a translator, you need to push the most recent translation to the build? Just a couple of clicks will get you there! 

Roman Permiakov, Localization Manager

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Learn more about how to streamline your game localization

Game localization is a rather complex and delicate process. It involves a collaborative effort but if it’s not handled properly, it can set back launch dates and cause frustrations. Learn how to handle game localization in the best possible way with actionable insights that will help you rethink your current process.

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    Game localization 101

    A comprehensive guide on key challenges and process optimization tips from industry experts.

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    How to solve biggest localization issues for developers

    Discover which 9 localization issues developers face and what you can do to solve them.

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    Case study

    10x faster new language launch at MWM

    MWM manages more than 30 apps in 15 languages without stress and mistakes.

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