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Parking made easy in any language with Lokalise

"With Lokalise it is easy to control every aspect of our localization projects. It helped us to improve the development release cycle and better manage the quality of translations."

Ligia Brosch

Project Manager


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"Thanks for making our life easier!"

Hassle-free parking in any language

PayByPhone, owned by Volkswagen Financial Services, has transformed the parking process for users around the world with easy-to-use mobile payment solutions for parking. With their web, smartphone, and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone provides a cashless, seamless experience for drivers in multiple languages. PayByPhone is rapidly expanding its services and locations, helping millions of consumers easily and securely pay for parking. No hassles of waiting, having to carry change or remember when parking is about to expire.


"Lokalise’s live edit module is a huge advantage because we are able to see how our translations look on iPhone or Android screens in real-time."

The challenge

Growth was swift at PayByPhone. With initial markets in North America, their iOS app, Android app, and web apps were already available in English and French. Sudden expansion to new countries and cities created immediate and specific demands for more languages.

Tourists from all over the world wanted to use the PayByPhone app in their language and municipalities wanted to provide this. PayByPhone was looking for an easy way to translate all apps into multiple languages. They knew they wanted a web-based translation management system (TMS) to do several things:

  • manage the increasing numbers of languages
  • manage and translate text strings
  • have the ability to update and share strings across multiple time zones
  • allow translators to see the screenshots and ask questions
  • streamline the process for rapid delivery

The solution

Recognizing the multiple advantages offered by Lokalise, PayByPhone opted to go with Lokalise in particular because of the great integration possibilities, like Sketch, for example. Having integrations meant that updating and translating multiple languages simultaneously was more efficient and scalable. And for a reasonable price, Lokalise offered extraordinary features and excellent support.

The glossary functionality is also a great feature for localization. It gives the translators some comparative context to better understand the meaning as used in the app.

The other function that is loved by PayByPhone is translation memory. Once you have translated something, the Lokalise platform will remember it. Later, it will offer you this translation in case the source matches the target from 50% and up.

Lokalise enabled PaybyPhone to abandon unwieldy processes involving sending spreadsheets and document files back and forth. The improved workflow now allows all of the strings and communication between stakeholders to remain in context, improving the efficiency and agility of the process. Control over the whole workflow can now be in the hands of one person - in the case of PayByPhone it’s the designer.

Ligia would recommend using Lokalise to anyone who needs to localize their product. Easy to control, easy to onboard, huge amount of features - what else can you wish for?