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When working with your own team of translators is not an option, you can order professional translations through Lokalise. Choose one of our translation providers most suited to your needs and get an instant quote.


Google Translate

A simple and 100+ times more affordable way to translate digital content using machine translation (MT). This MT currently handles over 100 languages. End translations should be checked to ensure that they sound native and fit the required context.



DeepL Pro neural machine translation currently supports 11 languages. The result can sound more native than some other MT options. You may want to regularly go back and forth between DeepL and Google MT to see which option better suits your needs.

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Over 18,000 native speakers and professional translators from Gengo translate into 35 different languages. Gengo is worth considering if you are looking for a human translator and have a small task, and a short deadline.



Lokalise translators will spend more time in ensuring that your localizations match the context and are fit for purpose. Lokalise translations can currently be carried out in over 90 languages and come with a lifetime quality guarantee.

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    Set up an integration with your code repository or your own custom SDK via Lokalise's powerful API. Do that once, and every time you make changes in the code, they'll be automatically imported to Lokalise for translation.

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  • An illustrated representation of the localization tools for product and localization managers offered by Lokalise

    Update existing and launch new features and products while simultaneously localizing them in multiple languages. Streamline your team's workflow, maximize productivity, and speed up expansion to other markets.

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    Employ integrations with Sketch or Figma. Quickly manage and review the resulting translations in your design and use multilingual images in app store, banners, and e-commerce.

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Lokalise allows us to translate our app in a new language in 2-3 days. It's a one stop platform to manage all the translations, either for developers or product owners. We wouldn't be able to manage an international app without Lokalise.

Marie-Sophie Côté, Product Owner

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