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Lokalise Messages for HubSpot

Connect with customers and prospects no matter where they are or what language they speak. Use Lokalise Messages to instantly translate conversations between customers and your company directly in your HubSpot inbox.

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Deliver great localized customer experiences to improve engagement and satisfaction

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    Localize experiences in real time

    Delight customers and prospects by consistently serving them in their native language.

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    Ensure smooth global expansion

    Don’t let language disrupt your global ambitions. Expand your reach while maintaining customer satisfaction.

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    Make smarter, data-driven decisions

    Analyze insights on contact volume per language, and make smarter expansion decisions.

No need to speak every language – because we do

AI-powered machine translation

Real-time machine translation of conversations in 100+ languages, powered by artificial intelligence.



Full visibility of interactions per language with a language stats dashboard.



Accurate translation of your industry and company terminology with customized glossary entries.


The preferred real-time multilingual support integration of 1000+ customers

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How Lokalise Messages for HubSpot works


Learn more about about multilingual customer engagement

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    Support-led growth

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    The importance of speaking your customers' language

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    Case study

    How doxy.me went from one to 100 languages in a few months with Lokalise

Localized interactions made easy. Why wait?

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