Lokalise for Intercom Articles

Translate your help center articles into different languages and keep all versions in proper sync.

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How the Lokalise for Intercom Articles integration works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Lokalise to Intercom

  • Push language files from your repository to Lokalise using the integration

    articles, sections, and collections in Intercom to a Lokalise project

  • Translate strings using the Lokalise integration

    any new or updated content

  • Pull translated strings to your repository using the Lokalise integration

    translated content back to Intercom

Create and manage multilingual support documentation for your international customers

  • A single “source of truth” for your translations

    Collaborate with your team, external translators, and other outsourced partners on all translation projects, on one platform. Successfully integrate it with your other tools. By centralizing your localization efforts, a team or whole company can maintain translation consistency, increase productivity, deliver faster across all languages, as well as re-use language resources, thus reducing associated translation costs.

  • Automate the process & manage it conveniently

    Import articles, sections, and collections from Intercom to Lokalise and start working on translations immediately. Assign tasks to relevant translators or reviewers. Monitor the progress & activity of a project, coordinate tasks, leave comments, and more. When the translations are done, export them back to Intercom in just a couple of clicks. By taking advantage of the integration, you will phase out routine manual tasks like copy/pasting content or sending files and notifications back and forth.

  • Cutting-edge features for increased efficiency

    Gain access to advanced TMS features including a wide spectrum of QA checks, translation memories, glossaries, machine translations, in-context editors, and so on. Moreover, you can connect Lokalise with your other tools and set up even more sophisticated workflows. These include GitHub, GitLab, Figma, Slack, Jira, Asana, and Trello to name a few.

Frequently asked questions

Are changes made in Lokalise automatically synced with Intercom?
No, they are only synced when you export the content back to Intercom.
Does my article need to be public in order for me to link it with Lokalise?
No, you can link any content regardless of its status.
Can I select what content needs to be imported?
Yes, you can select what items are imported to Lokalise after you link them.
What type of content can I import from Intercom?
You can import collections, sections, and articles.
What permissions do I need to import/export content between Intercom and Lokalise?
You need to be a project admin with manage settings permissions.

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