Asana integration for Lokalise

Keep your source files and translations synchronized — seamlessly

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Developer-centric tools and features

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Asana with Lokalise

  • An illustration representing inviting your team to work on Lokalise

    your team to Lokalise to work on the project

  • An illustration representing tracking the activity on Lokalise tasks in a project management app with the integration

    activity on Lokalise tasks in Asana

Manage your localization projects from a single app

  • One-stop project management

    The integration automatically creates, closes, and reopens Asana tasks as corresponding events fire on Lokalise. Follow the progress of localization projects without the need to switch between the apps.

  • Get notified about activity on tasks

    Receive a notification on Asana when someone has started work on a certain task, added a new translation, or left a comment. Keep an eye on your projects and have the peace of mind that things are moving forward without checking in all the time.

  • Save time and be more efficient

    Because Lokalise events are automatically synchronized with Asana, you won't need to spend your time doing double-work, like creating new tasks on both tools. This little thing can cost hours of your time every month.

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