Trello + Lokalise integration

Sync projects, tasks, and status updates between Lokalise and Trello automatically

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Developer-centric tools and features

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Trello with Lokalise

  • An illustration representing inviting your team to work on Lokalise

    your team to Lokalise to work on the project

  • An illustration representing tracking the activity on Lokalise tasks in a project management app with the integration

    activity on Lokalise tasks in Trello

Integrate Lokalise into your existing project management workflow

  • Effectively synchronized

    Use the Lokalise + Trello integration to optimize your translation workflow. Keep an eye on your projects and track the progress of tasks without constantly switching between the tools. For example – add tasks on Lokalise and see them immediately appear in Trello as new issues.

  • Stay updated at all times

    Stay up to date with the latest localization updates on your Trello dashboard. Whenever someone embarks on a new task, makes edits to an existing one, or leaves a comment, you’ll receive an instant notification. Stay in control – effortlessly and without constant check-ups.

  • Free up your time

    Synchronize projects and tasks between Lokalise and Trello. Don’t waste your precious time on creating and assigning tasks on both tools, copy-pasting comments, and so on. Save hours of your time every month and, thereby – save your money.

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