Connect Google Cloud Storage with Lokalise

Transfer your language files to a Google Cloud Storage bucket with one click

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How the Lokalise + Google Cloud Storage integration works

  • Connect your tool with Lokalise using the integration

    Google Cloud Storage with Lokalise

  • An illustration that represents triggering the upload from Lokalise to a cloud file storage bucket using the integration
    InTrigger the upload

    the integration with each export

Do two things at the same time, make zero mistakes

  • Rely on auto-sync

    Send your freshly-updated localization files to Google Cloud Storage automatically at export. With the integration in action, you can always be sure that the correct and latest version of your files is added to the bucket.

  • Reduce hours spent on repetitive tasks

    Take care of multiple routine tasks with a single click. The integration allows you to simultaneously export your files to your computer and store them in the bucket of your choice on Google Cloud Storage.

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