Discover what you need to launch multilingual products on time and with less fuss. Learn from some of the best localization ‘chefs’ in the biz as they reveal their recipes for global success.

The best localization recipes, tried and tested



Localization is a lot like preparing a gourmet dish

Where every ingredient is carefully selected, every step meticulously executed, and everyone works together to serve up the perfect ‘dish’ on time, with minimal waste.

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    1. Prepare

    Set up teams, tools, processes, projects and tasks.

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    2. Cook

    Code, design, translate, and transcreate.

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    3. Taste

    Double-check content and tweak for local tastes.

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    4. Serve

    Launch multilingual apps, websites, and go-to market content.

Chef’s note

Discover how easy it is for marketing teams to work alongside product teams on content localization, whether UX copy, support articles, blogs, or emails.

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Ingredients you’ll need

Here are some essential items the best localization ‘chefs’ in the biz can’t do without.

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    TMS with built-in reporting

    Bring tasks and teams together in one ‘kitchen’, and track translation status, orders, and more with Lokalise Analytics.

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    Integrations and automation

    Equip your localization ‘cooks’ with the right tools to make their processes smoother.

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    API and mobile SDKs

    ‘Cook’ smarter with automated processes and improved communication.

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    AI translations

    The secret sauce that localization ‘chefs’ use to serve their ‘dishes’ on time.

Oversee ‘kitchen’ collaboration

Make it easy for teams to organize, assign, and automate translation tasks, while you track progress, efficiency, and costs at a glance with powerful reports.

  • arrowLokalise AnalyticsCOMING SOONTrack task efficiency and analyze performance by language, translation method, and more.
  • arrowAccess controlCOMING SOONDecide who can chop, cook, taste-test, and serve. Manage permissions for individuals or groups.

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Set up stations for continuous localization

Connect your entire team’s tools to Lokalise, and set up automations for continuous content syncs, task handoffs, machine translations, and zero back-and-forths.

Chef’s top picks
  • arrowIntegrations with GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, Figma, Contentful, and Zendesk Support
  • arrowMobile SDKs with OTA
  • arrowAPI and webhooks

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Test and fine-tune for local tastes

Lokalise has a bunch of QA features that help you double down on quality and fine-tune every aspect of your product for local tastes.

  • arrowStore approved translations with translation memory and recycle them for future use
  • arrowAdd screenshots for visual context
  • arrowLet teams edit copy and translations directly in your app or website with the in-context editor

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Serve your gourmet ‘dish’

Let product teams work with non-technical teams to ensure product launches, go-to-market campaigns, and supporting content are served simultaneously and on time to the world.

  • arrowTranslate long-form content, like emails and customer support articles, in one go.

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A design-driven approach is inextricably linked to good localization

Joaquin Munoz, Localization Product Manager

The secret sauce for faster translations

If you need to serve huge volumes of translations ASAP but still need them to be top-notch, you’ll need a dose of Lokalise AI.

Add your style guide, glossary, and translation memory to ensure brand consistency at scale.

Or get the right blend of AI and human translations for more critical content.

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On the menu:
best localization recipes

Our customers and partners have tried and tested several techniques and tools over the years to create their recipes for localization success. And guess what, they’re now available to you in these localization recipe books.

Download your free copy to start serving localized content on time, and attuned to local tastes.

Put out localization and translation fires

Serve multilingual content that’s more creme brûlée and less burnt soufflé when you use one tool to manage it all.

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With Lokalise, you can expect...

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    Fewer bugs
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    Zero back and forths
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    No lost translation files
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    Minimal manual work

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