Phrase Alternative: Lokalise vs. Phrase

Lokalise offers a comprehensive localization tool with an intuitive user interface, sophisticated QA, and more flexibility to customize your workflows. These are some of the reasons why the fastest-growing companies choose Lokalise over Phrase to streamline their localization process.

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Hats off to the team at Phrase

They have built a solid localization tool. However, you’re here because you’re doing some research on Phrase alternatives and want to better understand Phrase vs. Lokalise. Let’s look at the top ways Lokalise can help you release multilingual products faster and on budget.


So, what’s the difference between Lokalise and Phrase?

It isn’t always easy to decide which tool is the right one for your team and your company. There are features, integrations, and other important product differences between the two platforms, which we’ll cover later on. But, to really understand what sets us apart, we compared reviews and talked with customers who have used both platforms. They shared what made their localization progress smoother, faster and less painful with Lokalise. Hopefully, the answers that we gathered will help with your evaluation as well.

The G2 users have spoken

When assessing the two solutions, Lokalise consistently scores higher on core translation features, including translation memory, glossary, QA checks, machine translation, and others.

But don’t take our word for it, compare Lokalise and Phrase side by side on G2.

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We complement your existing tech stack

With more than 40 pre-built apps, a powerful API, and developer tools, Lokalise fits neatly into what’s already working for you and your team.

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More value, fair pricing

Our Start plan includes 10 users at $120 per month (yes, that’s $12 per user, and if needed you can add extra seats at the same price). Webhooks, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Slack integrations are included in the Start plan, while they are listed as advanced integrations at a higher pricing tier at Phrase.

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Ease of use for faster delivery

We've learned that translation tasks that can be completed with one click using Lokalise, often require multiple clicks with Phrase. Using the translation memory and glossary, performing reviews – carrying out these tasks as fast as possible is crucial for translators to execute their work efficiently.

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We’re in your time zone

We have customer support around the world. Each interaction in our live chat is answered by a real human and the average response time, no matter where you are located, is under two minutes. Our extensive documentation will further help if you prefer exploring things on your own.

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High security measures

Lokalise officially complies with both US (SOC 2) and international (ISO 27001 and ISO 27017) compliance and security standards. We know we have a part to play in protecting our customers’ data – no matter if you are a small local brand or an enterprise organization.

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What you get when you switch to Lokalise


A wide spectrum of QA checks

Ensure higher translation quality with 14 built-in QA checks for you to configure depending on the needs of your project. Take advantage of our spelling and grammar checks that support 30 languages, locate any broken HTML syntax, misplaced placeholders, and much more.


Task sequence automation in your project

Organize tasks into chains so that when one task is completed, the next one starts automatically. Keep your project moving quickly by reducing the number of routine manual tasks.


Bulk actions

Save time and frustration by performing mass actions in one go. Select keys or translations and apply various bulk actions such as setting statuses, character limits, applying translation memory or pseudolocalization, and more than 20 others.


Custom translation statuses

Use your own indicators to describe the status of any translation and speed up your project with your team. Choose custom words and color-code the statuses, providing an easier overview.

Features and integration comparison

  • Phrase
  • Lokalise
Phrase Lokalise
Online translation editor
Project management dashboard
Chained tasks
Custom statuses
Integrated comments and chat
Translation memory
Machine translations
Simultaneous cross-platform translation
Over-the-air SDKs
Figma, Sketch
Adobe XD
GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket
Azure Repos
WordPress, Contentful
Amazon S3
Intercom, Zendesk

See what our customers are saying about Lokalise

If you are looking to use a single tool that is cloud based, has a modern UI, supports automation via API calls and webhooks, Lokalise is your tool.

Tyler Brown Software Development Manager
Multi-quote - Specialized

By migrating to Lokalise, we've accelerated the delivery of new localized features by 90%. With Lokalise’s Figma integration, I’ve eliminated my operational workload and can now focus on performance to improve the overall experience for our customers.

Romain Dahan Product Manager
Multi-quote - Withings

We looked at other localization management software, but no other option across the market offered such an easy solution, especially from the developers' perspective.

Gaia Castronovo Education Localization Specialist
Multi-quote - Arduino

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