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How Lokalise is helping Bending Spoons to bend spoons faster

"It’s like using a car instead of walking - it’s the next evolutionary step in the localization of digital products"

Ekaterina Sukhliaeva

Content and localization manager


Key integrations used with Lokalise

"What would I tell to others considering Lokalise? Like, do it! Do use it! It has simplified my workflow big time!"

Bending Spoons is a fast-growing tech company focused on building and marketing mobile applications. From fitness apps to smart technological solutions, Bending Spoons has a wide range of apps and is not planning to stop. Their 20+ iOS apps have been downloaded hundreds of millions of times, and are discovered by hundreds of thousands of new users on a daily basis. Bending Spoons is also the best place to work in Italy. And the best company can choose only the best partners.


The pain

Being an ambitious company, Bending Spoons wants to be known worldwide. In order to achieve faster growth, they needed to localize mobile apps. Each app is available in multiple languages - imagine the workload and time required to manage this process. Depending on the deadline, Bending Spoons had to either use their own team or work with freelancers. This resulted in having spreadsheets all over the place and a big headache while trying to smoothen the workflow. Before Lokalise, the whole process was challenging: no contextual information, a huge loss of time, and ineffective communication.

The gain

The very moment Bending Spoons started using Lokalise they realized that they had found exactly what they needed. The ideal tool that will help them with localization. No more outdated solutions and unnecessary time waste. Their typical workflow now looks like this: developers assign keys to strings and upload them, project managers add some screenshots and comments, and… then just wait until translators finish their job. Once they are done, the only thing that’s left is pushing the changes live. In case some questions arise, everything can be solved via Project Chat - no need to switch between different tabs or apps. More time is freed up to focus on growth and innovation.

Features that Bending Spoons enjoy the most:

  • Screenshot uploading with automatic linking to keys,
  • Project chat,
  • Inline translation suggestions,
  • Easy way to invite freelancers via link,
  • Live edit module,
  • Informative project statistics,
  • Beautiful dark mode.